Flash Extractor
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Flash Extractor
1 year key
    Requirements: NAND Flash Reader
Works forever, on all program versions,
released one year after key activation
Read before buy: first, second
Cost: 1870$, add to cart

Online shop charge VAT for some countries
To get invoice without VAT, contact serg@soft-center.ru

    NAND Flash Reader with TSOP-48 adapter
System Requirements: Windows XP, USB 2.0
Cost: 210$, add to cart

Adapter TLGA 18x14mm
Cost: 260$, add to cart

Adapter BGA-152 18x14mm
Cost: 260$, add to cart

Adapter VBGA-100 18x12mm
Cost: 260$, add to cart

Wire adapter
Cost: 15$, add to cart

Last added
AU6989SNHL-G-1   45 3a a5 82   1x2 SM2246EN AB   2c 84 64 54   2x4 IS916EN   2c a4 e5 3c   1x2 SM3267L-AB   89 84 64 3c   2x1 TC58NC6623G6F   98 de 94 93   1x1 IT1181FN-48B   ec de 98 ce   2x1 SM2246XT G AA   89 88 24 4b   8x2 82-00515-5   45 4c 99 92   1x2 IS903   2c 84 64 54   2x2 SM2246XT H AA   45 3a a4 93   8x1
07.09.2016 VT / Auto - new mode
27.07.2016 CR2 files support
10.04.2016 Processor Cores
08.03.2016 Sandisk Rotate
01.11.2015 Read Retry auto find
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