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Monolith recovery
Work consist from 2 parts:

1. You send us two absolutely same monolith drives (same = same traces on pcb). We analyze it and find pinout. Cost of this part is 650$, Paid upon success of this part

2. You send us client drive. And we try recover data from it. Cost of this part is second 650$. Paid upon success.
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SM3268P-AB   2c 84 58 32   1x1 PS2251-07-V   89 84 64 3c   1x1 20-82-00388-A0   45 48 ab a2   1x2 SM3255EN Q AA   2c 84 c5 4b   2x2 PS2251-03-Q_v2   98 3a 95 93   1x4 No Name USB AU6998   98 de 84 93   1x1 IS903   ec ae a4 7a   2x2 Monolith USB SM3257   98 3a a8 92   1x4 PS2251-09-26   98 3c 98 b3   2x1 82-00387-A0   45 de 98 a2   1x1
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