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Virtual Translator
This assembler can help build translator in manual mode
Plan of work for FAT32 partitions

Run Auto_Slow
Wait while it finish with block 0x10 and stop it
If Root have files inside, go to next step

If not, bad news. Need put it on place with hands (this is hard to do)

Run Auto_Fast
Need run it several times until all files will be found

Auto Slow
Search for blocks in dump
It runs Check Files for each block. So works very slow. But can check more file system obects

- can find blocks with FAT table parts
- sometimes can find FAT Root

- can find only 1 block at once

Auto Fast
Search for blocks in dump
First he memorize all file types and positions. Then look for blocks that better match this positions

- can find many blocks at once
- can replace block, if it fit better

- can not find FAT Root
- can use only after we see file tree
- do not work if Mix property used


Image Offset
MBR offset in image

Found blocks is stored here

block number in image / block address in dump

0x10 / 0x125000

Adds Join by Page between neighboring blocks in the image

4 / 0x200
2 / 0x8000

Join by Page 4, 0x200
Join by Page 2, 0x8000

Show blocks in order of their position in dump

Half Blocks
Show blocks that is filled with data incompletely

Show blocks in order of their position in image

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AU6989SNHL-GTC   45 4c 95 93   1x1 SM3255T AB   ec d7 98 ca   1x1 IS916EN   45 4c a8 92   1x1 Monolith Micro SD_2   45 3c aa 92   1x1 SM3252R BB   2c 68 04 46   1x1 IS916 D6CN5   2c a8 09 df   2x2 Monolith Micro SD_13   ec de 98 ce   2x2 SM2244LT M AB   98 de 84 93   4x1 IS817   45 de 94 93   2x1 IS917   45 4c 98 a3   1x2
07.10.2016 Conatiner v9
07.09.2016 VT / Auto - new mode
27.07.2016 CR2 files support
10.04.2016 Processor Cores
08.03.2016 Sandisk Rotate
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