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Sector Number Slow
This assembler build image from sectors. When each sector in dump have each own number. And this sectors is located randomly in dump

It works realy slow. Can save SSD image several days

MBR will always be missing. Need use scan software or check conflicts


Solved conflicts stored in this field
You can add records manually

Format: Sector Number / Address in Dump


Show conflicts for selected address in image

Double click on conflict to select it
Your choice will be stored in Correction property

Scan file format

Offset 0, Size 0x100 bytes
Version      8 bytes
Image Size   8 bytes   in sectors
Finish       8 bytes   1 - if scan successfully finished
                       0 - if scan interruped

Offset 0x100 bytes
Record 0  16 bytes
Record 1  16 bytes
Record 2  16 bytes
Record 3  16 bytes

Record format
Address in dump - 8 bytes
Next            - 8 bytes

Algo to get Conflicts for selected Sector Number

  ID = Sector Number
    Get Record with number ID
    If (Record.Next == 0) exit
    Add Record.Address to resulting array 
    If (Record.Next == UINT64_MAX) exit
    ID = Record.Next
This method give conflicts in reverse order

C++ example

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