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Step by step guide


Disconnect / Connect Reader
FE will ask to do it
Please, do it every time he ask

If Power adapter v3 connected, he will not ask
But with Power adapter RR tests will work slower

How understand which RR code match?

Look first byte of ID:
2c - Micron
45 - Sandisk
ad - Hynix
ec - Samsung

Approach 1:
- Select Code
- Press "Library" (some codes do not have library values)
- If see that ECC map change dramatically (not random changes). For exmple, from many greens to total red. Then code match

Approach 2:
- Select Code
- Find Base / Find Saddle
- Look on plots. If it have curves, then code match. If it have random data, then code not match


Random data:

How find best RR values

Approach 1:
- Use library (if RR code have it)
- Tune (can repeat several times)

Approach 2:
- Find Base
- Tune (can repeat several times)

Approach 3:
- Find Saddle (can make 100% green ECC map without Tune)
- Tune (can repeat several times)

Attention: best result is not last ECC screen
Best result shown in log:

Visual check

Use "Constant read" procedure

You will see what effect have found RR code on screen

When best RR values found

- Read dump in separate (temp) folder

- Open dump with FE, check that it do not have problems. For example, check that red/green places do not become grey. Or green do not become 100% red

- Open main dumps in FE. Make ECC_Combine

First reread can make without ECC_Combine. Just replace original dumps


Need be very carefull with Hynix RR codes
Wrong RR values can move Probe level so much, that we will read different page
Need keep found RR values near to values, that was found by "Find Base" procedure
Always follow "Diconnect / Connect" instructions from FE
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