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Test RR values from library
Some codes do not have library values

Find Base
Try find default RR values that use memory chip
After it need use Tune to adjust it
When finish, show plots for each register

Find Saddle
Try find Saddle point on curve
Some RR codes will give 100% green ECC map at this place

If ECC map is not 100% green can use Tune or repeat Find Saddle again

Change each register RR values in range (+Delta, -Delta)
Repeat this procedure selected number of times

Constant read
Read ECC screen 100 times
You can see on screen quality of selected RR values

Build plots for selected registers
If ECC = ON, will work slow, but show number of green sectors on plots

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SM3281L   45 3e 98 b3   2x1 Monolith Micro SD_59   ad 3a 18 03   1x2 Monolith Micro SD_58   98 d7 98 92   1x1 SM3271Q_AC   45 3a 94 93   1x1   v2 IS917   45 de 94 93   1x4 IS917   2c 84 58 32   1x1 Monolith USB_122   45 40 98 b3   1x1 Monolith USB_121   98 3a a8 92   1x2 Monolith USB_120   ec 1e 98 3f   1x1 Monolith USB_119   45 3a 94 93   1x1
23.09.2022 The End
11.11.2021 Legs for NR
16.08.2021 Sector Number Slow
15.07.2021 New drivers
21.05.2021 BGA-152 18x12 (smaller)
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