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23.09.2023 - tech support stopped
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2022 20:44    Post subject: Tech Support
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Tech Support

Arvika TS for all users:
- with support license out of date
- without any license
- small quantity of cases per year
- hard cases gave up by standard TS
- other

We work with
- flash devices (thumb drives, memory cards, emmc, monoliths)
- voice recorders
- video recorders
- netbooks, tablets
- sometimes we can help analyze monolith signals

You not need active FE license, but we strongly recommend buy it.
This rules is not promise. We can change them anytime

Case description:
- Controller name
- Device size in GB
- Device photo with chip read order numbers. >Photo requirements<
- We prefer dumps from FE reader. Others dumps are accepted but need write about it

Dumps upload requirements:
1. Upload dumps including FE folder or task folder (if read by other tool)
2. Use WinRar / Winzip
3. Add recovery record (1%)
4. Split on parts with build in WinRar / Winzip feature

FTP / Container:
Contact me by skype or mail, each user will have own account on our FTP
Upload dumps to FTP to folder with number from forum topic.
You can find this number at http address. Sample:
http://flash-extractor.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12604 -> create dir "12604" and upload files there
Maximum file size 2GB, you can upload any number of files

Remote Ammyy access:
Install Ammyy software
Put ID and password on FTP or send via skype.
Ammyy need confirmation of connection, but I suggest turned it off.
We have many cases and sometimes we cant connect immediately
May be you need wait day or two
Do not turn off computer at night
We like use Total Commander, you can install: https://www.ghisler.com

Forum sections:
Support - place for new topics and cases
Finished - finished cases (waiting for download data, payment etc).
Archives - closed topics

We can move your topic to different forum section depends on its status. You can find it if save link, or search for your messages on forum. We never delete support topics

- we help for fee - price list is here: https://odzyskiwanie-danych.com.pl/monolith-database/
- for hard or refubrished devices we can set additional cost (will inform before)
- we accept USD or EURO
- for service we issue VAT invoices (without VAT)
- bank transfer
- Paypal - for Paypal we add 5% Paypal charge

Recovered data:
- we prefer prepare solution at job.txt file
- if job.txt is not possible, we prepare disk.image or extracted data on our FTP

[!] - dump uploaded
[1] - we made 1 attempt to make recovery
[+] - case solved > 70% data recovered
[-] - can't recover
[+/-] - partial solution
[S] - case prepared for Sergey

Michal Pawlikowski
skype: michal_pawlikowski
mail: biuro@odzyskiwanie-danych.com.pl

Remote Support software you can download at top right corner of this post.
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